Welcome to Black Ring, a Zombie Loan fansite made by Snow and Mikari. Take a look around and have fun, just be careful not to get caught by the reaper if you're a zombie. There are spoilers all over the site, and you won't be warned again...

Mikari (August 31, 2014) Added my (long overdue) thoughts on the Zombie Loan ending.

Mikari (May 8, 2014) Bekko fanart, couldn't leave him out. :)

Mikari (May 2, 2014) Shito fanart! 'nuff said.

Snow (April 29, 2014) It's been a million years since I've updated! Back form the dead?! Haha. Just updated some links, joined Flesh for Fantasy and Emotion. More updates coming this summer!

Mikari (April 2, 2014) I just finished editing my fanfiction and added the last one I had been meaning to add. Next up are the information pages updates, I already started with that, but there are lots more updates to come.