Welcome to Black Ring, a Zombie Loan fansite made by Snow and Mikari. Take a look around and have fun, just be careful not to get caught by the reaper if you're a zombie. There are spoilers all over the site, and you won't be warned again...


Mikari (January 7, 2015): Updated a few links here and there. This site is pretty complete as it is, since the anime and manga ended.

Mikari (August 31, 2014): Added my (long overdue) thoughts on the Zombie Loan ending.

Mikari (May 8, 2014): Bekko fanart, couldn't leave him out. :)

Mikari (May 2, 2014): Shito fanart! 'nuff said.

Snow (April 29, 2014): It's been a million years since I've updated! Back form the dead?! Haha. Just updated some links, joined Flesh for Fantasy and Emotion. More updates coming this summer!