The Flash (Season 1)

Okay, I was totally late to The Flash party. Flash mob? XD But anyway, I finished watching Season 1 and it was so up in my feels. I cried, I laughed, I silently screamed so I wouldn’t wake anyone up. Barry Allen (portrayed by Grant Gustin) is a precious baby. I’m legit attached. I like most of the characters, a few annoyed me but I wouldn’t say I hate them. Even the ones I’m supposed to hate, just can’t bring myself to hate them. There are a few I don’t like but I really don’t want to get into that. Anyway, yeah I really enjoyed Season 1. Now I have to wait for for the Season 2 episodes on Tuesday. Of course, I did miss a good portion of season 2 cause I was late to the party. So gotta wait until they put that up on Netflix and then I’ll spam watch that.

Below is my Meta Human theory (spoilers under the read more)

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Dollie families

I started collecting ball jointed dolls. It started with one and I was like I will just get the one ans I don’t need anymore. Mainly because they are a bit expensive. So my first doll was Wendy and I she ended up the eldest of four siblings which all ended up getting sculpts. After Wendy, my sister got Alice which is Wendy’s younger sister and my sister came up with a husband and child of hers. Then Mikey, their youngest bother got here and finally John. It just really got out of hand. 

I’m only going to get one doll.

Which is what all doll owners say and then end up with more than they know. It’s a fun hobby but it’s expensive. So we’ve made a doll family and had to get sculpts. We gave them names, but the sculpts have their own names. It’s pretty cool.
Tips for Ball Jointed Dolls

  • Find a sculpt you like and wait at least a month before buying.
  • Budget for the sculpt (plus all the extra things, face up, starter clothes, wigs/eyes and of course shipping).
  • Really make sure that you find a sculpt you like. There are a ton of doll sites to look through.
  • Research! You’ll want to make sure you are getting an authentic dolly with everything you like, skin tone and all that jazz.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people in the doll community questions. Sure it’s a little scary to reach out but it’s okay to ask questions.
  • Do be careful because there is some toxicity like in all hobbies. (I haven’t experienced it but I know others who have.)

That’s some of the things I’ve learned while in the hobby and things I’ve had others tell me.

Just a thought I was having

I was watching Girl Meets World the other night and Farkle Minkus would often say to Isadora Smackle (the girl who has a serious crush on him) or at least it was similar. I cannot find the exact quote.

We are the same. Therefore, Science dictates we cannot be together.

Later when they think that Farkle has Asperger Syndrome (except for his friends who are supportive no matter what), Isadora is also show as supportive. It is revealed that he does not have it and is just smart, however, she does have it. Then since they are now different they can be together. Of course, it’s Maya and Riley that tell her that she and Farkle can be together because they are not the same.

Farkle and Isadora do end up dating and it’s adorable. But what I find interesting is that even though they are opposite gender, that never played a part in their relationship.  I just think it’s really nice that their gender wasn’t a factor in it, it was all about being genius level. Though she has Asperger Syndrome and he doesn’t, they are different. Both are brilliant. I think gender doesn’t play a part because Farkle likes women of science and would never stop anyone from science. Even though, in one episode Riley tries to bust his chops for it but it doesn’t work because he respects all minds of science.

Science is made up of the best minds.

It’s not about men and women, and I think that’s why the genders of Farkle and Isadora are not a factor in their relationship. Of course, he isn’t with her just because she has Asperger either. He also has a crush on her, different from the love he has for his other female friends Riley and Maya.

Most times people are like opposites attract and then it’s like well they are different genders and so it’s all good. But I think its more than that, like Farkle and Isadora. I could totally just be over speculating but I wanted to get this thought out.

Okay, let’s try again

Okay, so I’m trying to blog again. I really want to have place to go and just ramble about things I like or don’t like that take more than 140 characters to get my point across. I will be talking about all kinds of things and I tend to topic jump a lot.

I am also under the belief that I do not need to choose between things. I like Marvel and DC, Star Trek and Star Wars, and so on.

Smackdown is on!
The current fight is between Roman Reigns and Rusev. Fastlane is coming up, it is the PPV for February. Roman won due to DQ, Del Rio and Barrett got involved. Then Dean came to help him. The commentators act like Roman and Dean have never fought each other, those two can beat each other bloody and still be friends afterwards. Drives me crazy that people think they will turn on each other. Next fight is Kalisto (the WWE United States Champion) and Kevin Owens.

Oh the main event is Roman and Dean vs Rusev and Del Rio.