I was interesting it we design as a young teenager and eventually learning html and css through some help of my friends at the time and I grew from there learning as much as I could. They taught me what they could, I learned the rest by myself. Then I got my sister into it and taught her. I've had a varity of sites in the past but most were to Final Fantasy VII and Star Ocean 2. Then I took a bit of a break and started up again, I had a blog, a graphics site and a fan site. Again, lost interest. I went through college and one of my assigments was "Make a comparison website" and I thought, "I've got this!" So that's how I ended up with another Final Fantasy VII site (I wasn't oringally going to keep it) but through link exchanges, I did. More sites were made and I finally joined Amassment (I was even member of the month in March 2013). After joining not only did I make a ton more sites but I've also made just as many friends. ♥ I have a place to belong. Pirates Board is very special to me.

Behind the Scenes

Pirates Board was registered June 3rd, 2007 at Startlogic and it's hosted there as well. It was a birthday/graduation present. Snow and I used to have a joint domain but we got screwed over by the host and since I was more into web design, she decided I could have the domain and she gets all the space she wants. It's a pretty awesome deal. I hosted her and now I host her domain that I helped her with too. The name "Pirates Board" doesn't come from anything too well known. It's not like from an anime or video game or anything like that. It was something I said during a game of "Pirates of the Carribean Monopoly" game and it's the only time I won. I like it. I'll admit though, I wouldn't mind changing it but I'm just so use to the current name.

The Layout & Credits

You are currently viewing version 19 of the Pillage then Burn network. It features Tony Chopper from One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. I wanted a cute and pirate themed layout and Neo suggested Tony Chopper. I found an image at MiniTokyo and extracted the images from it. Background image is from Shizoo. Fonts used are Anyk and georgia from DaFont. And a great many thanks to Neo for helping me out with the layout and matching contact page.

Previous Layouts

They are just screenshots and a bigger view is not an option currently.

Version 1: Cloud and Rude from Final Fantasy VII Version 2: Issak and Dietrich from Trinity Blood Version 3: Leon from Tales of Destiny
Version 4: Cast of Final Fantasy IV Version 5: Squirtle from Pokemon Version 6: Ryo from Ronin Warriors
Version 7: Zack from Crisis Core ♥ Version 8: Majima from Yakuza: Dead Souls Version 9: Gino from Atelier Totori
Version 10: Gio from Atelier Meruru Version 11: Inner Scounts from Sailor Moon Version 12: Rei from Fatal Frame 3
Version 13: Ventus from Birth by Sleep Version 14: Luka from Vocaloid Version 15: Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X
Version 16: Bayonetta from Bayonetta Version 17: Zhenji from Warriors Orochi 3 Version 18: Batman from Batman: Arkham City