Member of the Month

I was named Member of the Month over at Amassment on March 14, 2013. Seeing it just totally brightened up my day. When Snow told me (because she saw it first) I was like "Hot damn!" So I went and checked it out. I was beaming the entire day (and still am!). It's just truly an honor. I joined September 19, 2012 and I've only know the Amassment members for like six months but they made me feel so welcome and in place. Amassment is definitely a place I belong and I'm so happy I joined. And they said it was okay for me to cut & copy what they said.

Cherri of (formerly waterpriestess at Livejournal)

Destinie: Cherri hit the ground running when she joined Amassment! She has been positively outgoing in the forums and participating in events. She’s also a joy to talk to and I’m so glad to have her as part of this community. Cherri, thanks so much for being a member here! Being friendly and bringing your interests here is what makes the community fun to visit.

Todd: Cherri is awesome! Usually when new members join, they are hesitant or shy, but Destinie is right — Cherri jumped in head first, and after just a week or so of her being here, it was like she had always been part of Amassment. Now, it’s hard to imagine Amassment without her here. She’s fun, talkative, and friendly, and does a great job of making everyone feel included and welcome. I hope she’s around for a long time to come. <3

Masao: It’s such a pleasure to have Cherri with us because she’s been so enthusiastic from the beginning. I really love how she injects activity wherever she goes, and how easy she is to talk to. I’m super glad she decided to join us, because Amassment is definitely better for it. Thanks for being such a great member!

Varen: I haven’t seen Cherri until the message board came up, but ever since then, I like to think she is the most notable person there (in a good way)! It’s amazing that she’s only new, but it feels like she’s been a member for a long while! She’s active and very friendly, always adding to our discussions and keeping the atmosphere lively and stress-free. Thank you Cherri, and I hope to always see your face in the boards~