Joined and Adopted

Here is everything I've joined. Mostly cliques and rotations. There are plently of things to though here as well and maybe you'll want to join too! Adoptions are here too!

Amassment I like reading. I've claimed The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams My Knight is Sephiroth
SPREADING THE LOVE ~~ Indigo R3-D9; Protects Cherri Pokemanz!Still a Moonie Yummy Networks
WE Eternal Hero: The Link Clique! LINK!
just can't get enough » pudding
One True Pairing :: Gomez and Morticia Addams
My Pokemon is Squirtle
My Wings of the Heart are teal dragon wings!
Protect a Princess ♥ Anna
Claimed :: Kamui
Join the Fight! Jaeger Pilot #2
Protected by Pocket Ronin the warrior of Torrent!
I video game music!
I'm a [Water] type!
Level Up! I claim the Shinra Company
Love Bot Minion Unity Digi Destined Twinkle (Red Luma)

My Hero
My Villian