July 25, 2016: Pixel: Kaiju Destinie (Destinie's kaijusona)

July 24, 2016: Lineart WIP: Uroko (Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea)

July 21, 2016: Finished Fanart: Trunks' Sword (Dragon Ball Z, Legend of Zelda)

July 19, 2016: Nail Art: Left, Right, Wallpaper (Pokemon)

July 18, 2016: WIP Lineart: Trunks' Sword (Dragon Ball Z, Legend of Zelda)

July 13, 2016: Finished Fanart: Link (Legend of Zelda)

July 11, 2016: WIP Lineart: Link (Legend of Zelda)

July 10, 2016: Finished Fanart: Theodore (Persona 3)

July 6, 2016: Pixel: helicopter favicon

July 4, 2016: Happy US Independence Day! Nail Art: Disney and Pokemon sea creatures: Right, Left, Wallpaper, Background: more pastel dots

July 3, 2016: Pixel: Dart (Legend of Dragoon) for Cherri. Songs of Faith collection update for Barbara and the group: Fearlessly

July 2, 2016: WIP Lineart: Theodore (Persona 3) Pixels: aliens

June 30, 2016: Pixel: Pharos (Persona 3) for Snow

June 28, 2016: Finished Fanart: Lightning Returns (Final Fantasy XIII)

Fonts: King of Pirate, Bird Feather, Square Flo, Star Dust.

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