December 5, 2016: Finished Fanart: Mimi and Palmon (Digimon)

December 4, 2016: It's been a while since I updated my Songs of Faith collection, but hey, it's Christmas, so here's a song about... actually it's about general all year round joy.

December 2, 2016: Pixel: Cayman (Pokemon)

November 29, 2016: Christmas Nail Art: Process, Left, Right, Lockscreen, Homescreen

November 28, 2016: WIP Lineart: Mimi and Palmon (Digimon)

November 26, 2016: Finally caught up on posting photos, you can see them at Deviant Art and Google. I've been playing Pokemon Moon and semi live tweeting it (without spoilers) and that (plus some busy stuff at work) is the reason why I haven't posted any art updates. I do have a Digimon fanart in the works and some more Pokemon fanart after that.

November 16, 2016: Finished Art: Maggy

November 15, 2016: Nail Art: ThanksGiving: Left, Right, Lockscreen, Homescreen

November 14, 2016: Lineart WIP: Maggy

November 13, 2016: Liebster Award

November 11, 2016: Finished Fanart: Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

November 7, 2016: Pixel: Gaston for Snow (Beauty and the Beast)

November 6, 2016: Lineart WIP: Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

November 5, 2016: Pixel: Misty Liberty (Relativity)

Credits: Host, Font